First Stop – Gokarna!

After a good  2 weeks of moping around, bursting into tears and wallowing in self-pity day in and day out, wondering how life could be so unfair to me, I finally got my shit together and started figuring my next steps. Despite being told by my mother to slow down, to take it easy, I just couldn’t take the idea of not doing anything. I got on my laptop and started my research.

One thing I knew for sure – I wanted to do something which I would enjoy all aspects of, and simultaneously flip off the corporate system majorly. And voila! I found the perfect opportunity. This entailed working with rural communities of South India and helping them with their needs. I signed up right away and got accepted. I would leave for Gokarna, a small town in Karnataka, just about 8 hours from Bangalore, known for its beautiful beaches. I had a week to pack up my bags and start afresh.

This, for real, would mark the beginning of my never-ending journey.

The bus ride was pretty comfy, and I met some friends heading to the same place for a holiday on the same bus. We reached Gokarna at about 3 am, and the first thing I noticed straight away were the stars. SO BRIGHT. I was off to a great start.

As it turned out, I would be living on the Gokarna beach at a homey little resort called Hemashree Gardens. This would be the place I stay at for the next two months and make my own little family.

After getting acquainted with the place, the people and sand constantly getting into places unimaginable, Gokarna was now home. My daily routine involved waking up early, going for a swim in the ocean, having breakfast at Hemashree (the food there is BOMB) and then going around the villages, talking to women and building a relationship with the locals.

Gokarna would also be the place where I meet my traveling companion aka partner in crime, Giulia. She was my colleague, roommate, and just a really good friend. Thanks to her, I now know some kickass Italian and Spanish songs. The two of us would wander around Gokarna all day, trying new things and meeting new people.

A place so warm and welcoming, Gokarna is also a huge hippie attraction. A whole lot of music, yoga and hidden raves, this place has it all. The scorching sun became bearable because of the locals who are just so lovely, travelers who love sharing their experiences, the beautiful ocean, the amazing food and the low cost of living.

Best chai – A little stall right outside Prema, at the entrance to the main beach.

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  1. This is great sash! Good to know these places thru your own experience. Great going!!! Will definitely be an ardent follower of your posts. Btw you write really well.
    Lots of luv XOXOXO

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