Goodbye, Gokarna :(

As the monsoon season approached (end of April-beginning of May), it was time for me to leave Gokarna for my next destination. Monsoons in Gokarna is not the most suitable time for people to visit/stay. It becomes impossible to move around and the tides get extremely high. Although it is super pretty, you can only take so much of it.

My last few days were spent saying goodbye to all the people I had become so close to. Trips to the market were emotional, visits to the fisherman community were filled with promises to keep in touch and come back soon. And of course, as Indian hospitality thrives endlessly, these goodbyes were filled with snacks and tea.

On my last day in Gokarna, the guys at Hemashree surprised me with an extraordinary meal –

Chicken curry and rice, rotis, calamari fry, salad and some custard to end it all

Saying goodbye to all the kids in the market was very emotional. They wanted to take a million pictures, but all were hazy with a bittersweet emotion

Celebrating Kishore’s birthday was definitely a highlight of my stay here. I bought few pastries and met Roopa at her shop. Kishore and Manoj came with their father about 20 minutes later and we all had cake and had a small celebration right there, in Roopa’s shop. It was very special.

Manoj wants to make some mehendi on my hands


Another moment I remember very fondly was when Peter, Michel, Giulia and  I let our creative juices flow after a long and exhausting day, late at night. The four of us were huddled around a table, drawing “creatures of the deep sea” on four different parts of one big paper outside Michel’s room.

4 distinct personalities on one piece of paper

Michel left this sheet outside my room, and now this piece of art is stuck on the wall, along with the countless memories left behind by fellow travelers.


Goodbye, Gokarna. You have been so good to me. I hope to see you very very soon.


Next stop, Dharamshala!

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