Let’s go to Nepal!

Living in Himachal so far has been great, but you have to agree that there are so many places around here which are worth a visit as well. Giulia and I had been wanting to take a break from work and go on a small holiday for a while. We had 2 places on our list – Bhutan, and Nepal.

While Bhutan is extremely beautiful from what I have heard, it isn’t easy for non-Asians to visit. I can see why they’d do this because tourism does tend to fuck up the natural beauty of a destination. The only way for non-Asians to visit Bhutan is by signing up for a proper tour package. Sorry guys, but that’s just how it is. But for Indians, you can just walk through the border and you’re good.

Nepal, on the other hand, is super chill about its border rules. Indians just need to flash their IDs and they’re good. Whereas Giulia, who is Italian, would have to get a visa on arrival. She would have to fill up a form, pay 25 USD for a 2-week visa and boom! All set. So obviously, Nepal it was!

Planning the trip was actually very simple – we just had to book a bus to Delhi, a bus from Delhi to Gorakhpur, and then just go with the flow. There are buses plying all the time from Gorakhpur to Sunauli border, so once you get to Gorakhpur, it’s quite simple to cross the border and get to Lumbini, Nepal.

We went to Mcleodganj one week before we had to leave for Delhi, exchanged 5000 INR for 8000 NPR (yes, that was our budget for one week) and that was that! Obviously, that one week was filled with super intense Google searches, daydreaming about seeing the Everest and just a lot of excitement.

This would be my first time stepping out of India, and I just couldn’t wait!

I was clearly very excited with my Nepali money!

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