Peepal Farm – Heaven on Earth

I remember having breakfast with Giulia in Milky Way Cafe in Dharamkot one sleepy morning, and there, on the wall, seeing a poster of an animal recovery centre. I remember telling Giulia that we must go. She agreed and we went back to our coffees.

A couple of days later, I received a message from Deep, a friend from Bombay. We didn’t text often, but just enough so that we were kind of aware of what the other person was up to. This time, he had messaged me to tell me about Peepal Farm (the same animal recovery centre we read about a few weeks ago at the cafe) and how I JUST HAVE TO GO. (yes, in all caps)

After looking it up, we found that the farm was just 2 km from where we lived, so we decided to go the next day itself.

The next day, we land up at the gate of the farm at 9 am and yanked on the chain which was connected to a bell. A girl opened the gate with a very puzzled look on her face. (After talking for a bit, we realized that visitors are required to call a day prior to their planned visit. So if you’re planning on making a visit, don’t do what we did). After explaining how we hadn’t called or anything, she was kind enough to let us in and asked April, a long-term volunteer to show us around.

The entrance to Peepal Farm
This mural outside the farm really sums up the ideology of the place

The tour started with meeting the tiny puppers Chia and Scarlet (who aren’t so tiny anymore) who were their latest rescues at the time. Then we saw the other grown doggos, a bunch of adorable cows and calves and Pablo the pig who is basically the star of the place.

Started off as a rescue, Pablo now is a permanent member of the Peepal Farm family!

I have always loved animals all my life, and being at such a place made me so happy, I can’t even explain.

First of all, the place is GORGEOUS. Super green with quirky little touches everywhere if you look carefully, it is quite evident that a lot of thought and even more love went into Peepal Farm. Everyone is always busy, but they all have such pleasant and welcoming faces. I get it, it’s hard to be mad when you’re at a place like that.

April told us about the farm, how Robin, Shivani and Jo decided to finally take some actions and get shit done. Peepal Farm is a testament to the fact that there are people who care and who aren’t just all talk.

Okay, brace yourselves, series of adorable pictures coming up in 3…2…

Spotty loves a good afternoon snooze
Chia and Ghost share a bed
waiting on her forever home
Kuku is a true fashion icon
King is basically a giant puppy

So apart from running an animal recovery centre with all animals getting enough love and medical care, an organic farm where they grow a bunch of veggies and herbs, the Peepal Farm also makes vegan products right on the farm. Vegantella (vegan nutella, duh), peanut butter, kombucha, kefir, tamarindo, and many many more are made right here, on the farm. I would suggest you check out their online shop – click here

After the first visit, Guilia and I couldn’t stop ourselves from going there every morning to help them out in whatever way we could. From poo picking (doggo and cow poo), weeding, bathing the pups, walking the dogs, de-ticking, peeling cacao beans for the Vegantella to helping with bottles for the drinks, and just cuddling puppies, we did it all. And we loved every single minute of it!


Do check Peepal Farm, or even better, come visit!

I loved it so much that mid-August onwards, I’m going to become a full time volunteer, and I just can’t wait!

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