When In Nepal, DO NOT MISS THESE!!!

To say that the three of us landed in Nepal without a plan would be an understatement. The only plan we had in place was – Do what the locals suggest, and figure the rest as we go.

While we stayed at Rajendra’s BnB (see the previous post for link, if you wanna hit him up and stay at his house when you visit Nepal) in Kathmandu, we spent our time just getting to know the place, the people, and the vibe. What we got out of this was that the people in Nepal are extremely sweet and helpful, and the food is a mix of Tibetan, Indian and Bhutanese. A regular meal in Nepal would be Daal, Rice, and Tarkari (veggies).  We visited a few places in Kathmandu, and it was a blast.

After Kathmandu, our next stop was Pokhara, where we lived right by the lakeside, which was an absolute dream. Giulia and I were dying to go for a swim, and finally, after months, we got the perfect opportunity. We spent 2 days in Pokhara (sigh. so so good) and 2 days in Dhampus (a village up, up and up from Pokhara, known for its great view of the Annapurna).

These three places in Nepal gave me a good enough idea of what must not be missed at all. Let me list them down, and if you have any more pointers to add on, do write to me so that I can keep them in mind for my next visit. (Oh yes, I am definitely going back)

So when you’re in Kathmandu…

Have breakfast at a local Nepali Dhaba

This lovely meal, of different tarkaris and a kind of bread, really set the tone for an amazing day in Kathmandu.


Visit the Swayambhu Temple

A beautiful temple, also known as the monkey temple was an absolute treat. Monkeys are very cool, you guys.

Check out the  Boudhnath

The largest stupa in the world, the Boudhnath is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. What surprised me the most was that the place was flooded by pilgrims and tourists, but was still so quiet and peaceful.

Then, this is what we did the next 2 days in Pokhara –

Had a kickass breakfast at Phat Khat

The set breakfast was a great start once again. Nepal and the food there does not disappoint.

Went bar hopping

In Pokhara, every bar has happy hours, which made us very very happy. This also explains why I don’t have a picture.

Shopped till we dropped

Pokhara is filled with little trinkets to buy everywhere. So you know what I mean. Since  I was on a budget, I bought a little anklet (50 NPR) which I am never taking off.

Caught a fabulous performance by Aancod

Taken from Google, with Aancod’s permission. Please don’t sue me.

Aancod (Abe) is a street musician who has been traveling and playing music wherever he can. Now mostly based in Korea, he specializes in looping and making funky versions of well-known songs. He got us dancing like nuts. At some point, we look out on the street and see a fire dancer, almost as if she was dancing along to Aancod’s beats as well!

Swam in the Phewa Lake

The lake was my favourite part. So calm and peaceful. With stone doggo (as seen in the picture), we passed hours and hours here.

After that, you can –

Hike up to Dhampus

A little village up  in the hills, Dhampus is barely inhabited and is extremely beautiful.

Be astounded by the beauty of the Annapurna Range

This was our view when we woke up in Dhampus the next day. The peak you see is the Macchepuchhre mountain of the Annapurna range.

Make some amazing doggo friends

Mufasa followed us for a little hike in the mountain where we found a river to chill by.

Cry at the thought of going back to India

I don’t want to add an ugly picture of myself, but you know what I mean 🙁


The best time to go to Nepal is September – October, so I guess I’ll see you guys there!

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